Gearmore Venturi Air Boom Sprayer

100 Gal. Airboom 3-Pt. Sprayer; 515 lbs.;

  • Make: Gearmore Inc.
  • Model: P45N1-400-G15
  • Year:
  • Style: Air Boom Sprayer
  • Stock#: CNS593
  • Serial#: 150315
  • Location: Chilliwack
  • Price: Pricing on request...

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The most common system of spraying is called "High Volume" or "Dilute" spraying. Using this spraying technique, the liquid is forced, under high pressure, through a small diameter orifice. Traditionally, high pressure boom sprayers and air blast sprayers all use this system to atomize the spray. Another method of spraying has now been developed using a venturi tube to atomize the spray liquid. Air is passed through the venturi and the liquid is sheared into extremely fine and uniform particles. Now, the air becomes the carrier of the spray instead of high volumes of water; we call these sprayers Low Volume Venturi Air Sprayers.